Author: JoshuaWold

The Beach Gift

I looked at the clock on our 1988 Isuzu Trooper. It read 5:38am. I rubbed my eyes and looked around at my brothers. My younger brother, Mickey, was sound asleep. My older brother, Dan, was looking out the window to his left, watching the moon outside our vehicle.Spring in Northern California was a mix of […]


Last week I finished up another manuscript. With rewrites this puts me at close to 300,000 words across four novels since September of last year. It’s been a wild journey, and I’ve loved nearly every moment of it. My process typically involves a half hour of writing, six days a week. I’ve also been working […]

The Gifted Curse: Excerpt One

My horse stepped up onto the plateau where the narrow path opened up into a field. The shadows were lengthening, and a breeze blew through the trees. I tightened my shawl around my shoulders and let loose on the reins.I started to image a hot bath in our handmade tub. Then I remembered the clay […]

The Gifted Curse: Excerpt Three

(Taken from the second act of the book, an excerpt of the protagonist fighting against an unseen enemy) The moon outside shown brightly from our bedroom window. I couldn’t sleep, I never slept. Well that’s not entirely true, I napped, but more like a giraffe. The curtain was open and the ocean breeze blew through. […]

Summer Camp Thing

It was the last day of Summer camp, and the final group of kids had just left on the large bus. The dust and sound of its engine could be seen and heard in the distance. A bell rang across the camp, and the nearly five dozen teenage staffers let out a collective roar of […]